Why sell on BidStream


Access to larger markets

By selling on BidStream you get access to so many different markets. Traditionally, a property auction is held at the property or venue. The buyers would have to be the venue on the date and at the time your property is due to be auctioned. With BidStream, buyers can bid on your property from anywhere in the world!


Traditional property sales require the seller to pay an agent commission on the transaction. BidStream runs on an auction model where the buyer would be responsible for the commission (Buyers Premium). The Buyers Premium is paid over and above the winning bid price.

Experienced property consultants

BidStream has a team of highly experienced property consultants who will guide you throughout the sales cycle. Our friendly sales consultants are available to advise you on the best course forward and assist wherever needed.

No more time-wasters

All potential buyers have to go through our vetting process. They would have to commit a participation deposit as well as provide us with FICA documentation before having access to your auction. A bidder would only be permitted to participate in the auction once they have met our participation rules.

Top marketing

BidStream has a highly experience property marketing team that can create a marketing strategy best suited to your property. Marketing channels offered include Website SEO, Google Adwords, 3rd party property portal advertising, Street Pole Ads, Database Mailshots to pre-qualified buyers, outdoor signage, Aerial and Ground Photography, Video Production.


From the first bid to the last signature, you are kept informed of every aspect of the process. Further to that, you have full access to our friendly property sales consultants to answer any questions you may have.

No long negotiation periods

The auction is run over a set time, usually 8hrs. Once the time has elapsed, and the winning bid is confirmed by you, the deal will be processed. There are no further negotiations as the buyer would have done all their due diligence before the auction.

Set your reserve price

During your first consultation, we will discuss your pricing strategy. Your consultant will help you come to an acceptable sales price for you. Together with your consultant, you will discuss and settle on the reserve price. Should the reserve price not be met on auction, the property will not be sold.

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